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Full time N,O and A Levels Principles of Accounts Tutoring (Master of Finance degree and years of experience tutoring)

  • Felix had taught many students from different secondary schools

  • Graduated with a Master of Finance with 9 years of tutoring experience in POA

  • Well versed in the new 2014 MOE secondary syllabus for POA

  • Multiple secondary school exams papers from 2015 which preps students well for the exam year

  • Taught 'A' Levels students from Millennium Institute and private students in accounting and management of business (MOB) topics
  • Philosophy of teaching - Learning is all about understanding and in the process all about fun

  • Past performance of students improved from F9 to A1


Experience in Diploma and Degree Tutoring

  • Tutored business students in accounting, finance, management, marketing and business statistics from

    • Singapore Management University (SMU)
    • Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
    • National University of Singapore (NUS)
    • Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)
    • Bedfordshire University (Kaplan)
    • Murdoch University (Kaplan)
    • James Cook University
    • Singapore and Nanyang Polytechnics and many more..
  • Experienced tutoring MBA students in accounting and finance
  • Able to relate actual practices to theories taught with previous experience in public finance and audit

Testimonials from my secondary students


"Explain well and clear. F9 to A2!"

Felix explains well diificult accouting concepts. I had improved from an F9 to A2 for my 'N' Levels!

Fang Jie
Chung Cheng High School (Yishun), Class  4C, 2015


"A friend and a mentor"

He is a friend and a mentor to me teaching me and guiding my future career path

Grace Ang
St Hilda's Secondary School


"Makes sures you understands"

Felix will take the time to make sure you understand the accounting concepts rather than to memorise it.

Shi En
Manjusri Secondary School
Class 2015

"He is the best tutor which i had engaged. With his previous working experience, he can relate to me and help me scored high distinctions in my business subjects!"

— Shenelle Periera
Degree in Accounting
James Cook University

"Felix had been patient with me and help me with my Management of Business at 'A' Levels."

— Cheryl Lim
'A' Levels
Millienum Institute

"He had taught me Principles of Accounting and within a week of time, i scored 'A' for my final result in accounting. Now, i had grown an interest in accounting."

— Wen Jing
Singapore Polytechnic

"Felix had taught me for subjects from Statistics, Accounting and marketing. He is able to make complex concepts into simple understandable forms."

— Serene

Singapore Institute of Management